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Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Grinder
This four-piece metal grinder features a kief catcher and official Jay and Silent Bob graphics.
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Hydroponic System Growth Kits Soilless Culture Equipment Family
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Uncle Bob's Beans!

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Uncle Bob's Beanery
We founded Uncle Bob's Beanery with one simple goal: to help you experiment with your passion while at the same time provide amazing prices. We were tired of cookie-cutter stores with lackluster selection, and boring gifts.

Instead of offering a huge unoriginal collection, we carefully curate just a few unique pieces perfectly suited for people having the taste buds like you. We focus on items that gets you excited about shopping again, as we believe buying online should always be fun!

Our Happy Customers!

I love Uncle Bob's Beanery! They've got a different product, and they're all super affordable, every time I've ordered so far has been great. The Free Shipping is nice as well!

James, Shester

I order for my self from here all of the time! Shipping is Free, and it's pretty quick. Uncle Bob's Beanery is great!

Melinda, Sydney

This is my 3rd order from here. I really love the customer support as they instantly get back with resolution if needed.


Peter, California